Web Safe Colors

With RGB and Hex colors we are given a choice of over 16 million colors, which is fantastic. However, this can cause some problems on VERY old monitors which can only display 256 colors. When these monitors are asked to display a color other than one of the 256 they can show, they use a technique called dithering to approximate the color. This isn't very attractive and can make text difficult to read. Because of this, there are a series of colors known as the Web Safe colors, which will display without dithering on any monitor. There are 216 Web Safe colors, and you can use any of them without having to worry about compatibility issues.

However, nowadays there are so few monitors out there which cannot display all 16 million colors that Web Safe colors are essentially irrelevant. I certainly don't pay any attention to them any more, I just use whatever colors I want, but they still make popular choices. They also make a great starting point for choosing the color scheme of your website.

The table below shows all 216 Web Safe colors, along with their RGB and Hex codes (click the thumbnail to view the full size file). Feel free to save the table for future reference by right-clicking on it and selecting "Save Picture As..."