HTML Email Links

As well as the three HTML link types discussed previously, there is one more that can come in handy. This is the email HTML link, and when a user clicks on it, the browser will automatically open their favorite email program so they can send an email to you directly.

To insert an email link we use the "mailto:" property, followed by the email address we want the email to go to. Let's say your email address is You could set up an email link by putting the following code into your web page:

<a href="">Email Me</a>

If you want to you can even specify the default subject line that will be sent with the email. To do this you need to add a bit to the code:

<a href=" from a visitor">Email Me</a>

When a visitor to your web site clicks this HTML link they will automatically be presented with a box to send you an email.

Why email links aren't actually all that great

Sorry to burst the bubble, but mailto HTML links actually aren't particularly useful in many cases. This is because nowadays the majority of people use internet based webmail email accounts such as Hotmail or Yahoo Mail, and the mailto link is not compatible with these. For this reason I personally tend not to bother with email links.