CSS content property


Defines content to be generated in a document. Used with the :before and :after pseudo-elements to attach content before or after a CSS selector. Not supported by all browsers.


  • url([URL]) - location of some content to be generated
  • [string] - text content, contained in quote marks
  • normal - no content is added
  • open-quote - adds an opening quote mark
  • close-quote - adds a closig quote mark
  • no-open-quote - doesn't add an opening quote mark but still increments the quotation nesting
  • no-close-quote - doesn't add a closing quote mark but still decrements the quotation nesting
  • attr([attribute name]) - adds a standard HTML attribute before or after the selector
  • counter([name], [list-style-type]) - displays the current value of the counter called [name], and displays it according to the specified [list-style-type]
  • counters([name], [string], [list-style-type]) - displays the current value of all counters called [name], and displays them according to the specified [list-style-type], with the list separated by the specified [string] character



blockquote:before {
  content: open-quote;

blockquote:after {
  content: url(endquote.gif);