HTML <object> tag


For embedding multimedia objects, such as video or sound clips, into your web pages. Use <param> to specify object parameters within the object tags.

Required Attributes

  • none

Optional Attributes

  • archive - a space separated list of URLs containing resources relevant to the object
  • classid - specifies the location of the object in the form or a URL or Windows Registry entry
  • codebase - defines the base location of the code for the object. All relative URLs, such as classid, are taken from this base location
  • codetype - the media type of the classid code
  • data - specifies the URL where the object's data is stored
  • declare - specifies that the object should only be declared, but not initialised until requested
  • height - the height of the object in pixels
  • name - a unique name for the object
  • standby - defines the text that should be displayed while the object is loading
  • type - the MIME type of the data specified in the data attribute
  • usemap - the URL of a client-side image map to be used with the object
  • width - the width of the object in pixels

Core Attributes